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Purpose Built For Modern IROs.

Connect and engage with your retail investors like never before. Launch in minutes, run unlimited events, and access unparalleled insights. The average IRO saves 32 hours a month with FiresideIR.
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The best way to reach retail investors at scale.

Unlimited Live (and Async) Events
Our scalable platform allows you to run as many events as you want. No more expesnive pay per event models.
Community Around Ownership
A central place for managment and investors to interact. Post content and updates, run events, offer rewards and more.
Verified Investors
Built in verification allows you to lock specific sections, events, and content to verified investors.
Robust Data And Reporting
Better understand when verified investors buy/sell, their holdings. Access high-res event analytics.
"The fireside chat platform exceeded our expectations.
The first installment got a lot more publicity and engagement than we expected. We’ll be incorporating FiresideIR & regular chats into our future IR strategy."
- VP Corporate Development, Small Cap NASDAQ Company
Retention rate when switching to FiresideIR and leveraging built in Shareholder Rewards.

How FiresideIR Works

1) Launch The Platform

Work with FiresideIR for a seamless platform launch. White label the UI to match your brand guidelines and offer a seamless expirence for investors. Use Fireside and Company brand to publisize your launch.

2) Accept And Answer Questions

Open up the community aspect. Post content and interact with investors. Allow verified owners to submit questions for upcoming events. Answer questions directly any time, or save them for the event (s).

3) Run A Fireside Chat

Run a live (or pre-recoreded) Fireside Chat, where you answer questions and engage directly with investors. Trigger polls to gage investor interest, offer shareholder rewards during the event.

No limits / per-event costs. Run as many events as you'd like.
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Leverage FiresideIR To...

FiresideIR is a versatile toolkit for IROs, CFO and company executives to reach their retail investors at scale.
Explore Use Cases
Special Investor Events
Special events for investors to answer questions and more.
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Earnings Calls
Private beta: run earnings calls on FiresideIR, and cut out expensive webcast tools.
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Company Announcements
Video events for company announcements to retail investors.
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Small Groups
Connect with small groups of retail and/or institutional investors via live video and chat.
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Ready to Revolutionize Your Retail IR?

Save hours of IR administration by leveraging one to many Fireside Chats using FiresideIR.
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